Our Members

We have regular meetings and it is pleasing to note that we have some none Muslim colleagues (Associate members) who attend our meetings regularly. We believe in joining hands with friends and colleagues who cherish the same goals as us and are proud to believe that the level of our debates is very high indeed.

We are mindful that most people are extremely busy, but it is the busy people we are interested in, if only to learn from them, and would be delighted to welcome you as a partner, in raising standards in education, improving community cohesion and in ensuring that the people vested with our future have the right tools to do the job and look after us all.

Contact the MPA

34 Perth Road

High Wycombe

Bucks. HP13 6XX
Mob: 07956 622469

Email: rafiqraja@hotmail.co.uk
Website: www.mpawycombe.co.uk