Welcome to The Muslim Parents Association in High Wycombe.

High Wycombe is a thriving town with good race relations and the MPA is keen to improve the level of understanding between the largest ethnic minority of the town, (The Muslim Community) and the rest of the people of High Wycombe. One way to remove misunderstandings is to increase the level of contact among our diverse communities.


The MPA has identified that in the field of education, due to various reasons (culture, language, religion and economic wellbeing) there is a large gap in the level of achievement between the mainstream pupils and those of Pakistani origin, as far as passes (at grades A* to C in 5 subjects) at GCSE are concerned. We are interested in increasing the interest of the Pakistani origin parents in the education of their children and are trying to push recruitment of school governors as a first step.

We are also in the process of discussing this with the Local Education Authority and are making progress in not only identifying the relevant factors but possible solutions and need your help to combat the issue we are so passionate about.


The MPA would therefore like to invite anyone living or working in High Wycombe, whatever their background, experience, ethnicity or religion to consider becoming an associate member of the MPA (a modest membership fee of £10 per annum is involved to cover admin and printing costs). You would be welcome to join us at our regular meetings and other events.


To download/ view a full detailed PDF of our mission statement please click here.

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