As another school term starts, here are a few words of appreciation for the parents from Sharon Cromie, the head of Wycombe High School.

As Headteacher of Wycombe High School, I am pleased to note the value and pride the MPA place on education. I take enormous pride in the achievements of all the students at Wycombe High School - the range and extent of their talents is very humbling.


They attain at a high level academically and contribute to a wide range of extra curricular activities, including sport, music, drama, dance and enterprise. Wycombe High School students achieve this by adhering to our school motto, fortiter, fidiliter, feliciter (courageously, faithfully and joyfully). They ensure our school is one where mutual respect is evident and diversity is celebrated.


I appreciate that is not the school alone that creates such an environment - the relationships we have with our parents and the wider community is a key component of our success. Many of you may have daughters at Wycombe High School and I am grateful to you for the support you give our school. Every parent plays a role in their child's education - you encourage, you celebrate success, you attend parents' evenings, you provide support and help at school functions, you encourage your child to join clubs and societies to build her confidence and skills, you respect your child and teach her to respect others, you teach her how to make good decisions and trust her to so.


All of this is true of whatever school a child attends.  We are extremely fortunate within Buckinghamshire to have such a range of very good schools, all supporting our wider community. I have been the Headteaher at Wycombe High School for just over one year. We work extensively in the wider community, particularly with primary school partners.


Over the next year we hope to work more with our parents, many of whom will be members of MPA, to offer for example ICT classes, led by our Sixth Formers during the school day. I look forward to providing updates on how this is working in future editions of MPA’s Newsletter and indeed meeting some, if not many of you, in the future.  


Sharon Cromie

Wycombe High School


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