Some Sage Advice from David Hood, Headteacher.

As part of MPA’s drive to involve more and more parents, a Governor Recruitment Event was organised at the end of April 2009, at Cressex Community School. David Hood, Headteacher of Cressex spoke at the meeting about how important it is for parents to invest time and effort to help their children achieve well at school. Here is part of what he said:

Children of parents who take an active interest in school perform, on average, significantly better at school than their peers whose parents show little or no interest. Overall, between the ages of 0 and 16, children spend much more time under the direct influence of family and friends than they do at school, so it is essential that this influence is positive and promotes good learning and achievement. In order to help their children, parents should:


  • spend “quality time” with them, speaking to them, listening to their points of view and showing that they value their opinions;


  • read with their children, and, when the children become independent readers, discuss with them what they have read;


  • set clear boundaries for their children and equip them to make choices that will keep them safe;


  • open up the world for their child by taking them out to the local library and exploring interesting places close to home and further afield;


  • take an active interest in what is going on in their child’s life; and


  • get involved with their child’s school, maybe even by becoming a school governor.


Above all, parents need to be there for their child. Sometimes, especially in the teenage years, children do not make it easy for their parents. But in their heart of hearts they want to be cared for and they want to know that there’s someone who cares about what they do.


The reward for any hard times will be the child’s achievements in life and maybe a few words of gratitude and recognition when they start to bring up their own children!


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