Role Models at Highcrest Community College


Your help is needed to find ex pupils who are willing to visit Highcrest Community School (previously Known as Hatters Lane) and help inspire current pupils and raise aspirations.  We are aware that many ex pupils have gone on to build successful and rewarding lives and we would like to give them the opportunity to share their experiences with the young people at the school.


It is hoped that bringing good role models into the school will have a positive effect on the pupils. It will be interesting for the pupils to see that there are many opportunities for them when they finish school.  In this way pupils can become more focused as they realize what can be achieved. Interacting with ordinary people will help pupils to see that they can do something, make changes to their lives and succeed.


The role models will help inspire confidence in pupils. Their stories will be real life ones as apposed to celebrities they may see in the media and want to imitate. This will also bridge the gap between reality and ideal. Life is full of ups and downs and real life stories will help pupils to get through difficult times.


The support that a role model is willing to give to a school may vary and will depend on the individual. Every person is different and may be willing to do different things in the school. A role model could take an assembly, take part in PSHE, a careers lesson or talk to a small group of pupils. Their input could be more focused on a certain group of pupils. This will depend on their own career and knowledge.


Each role model can decide on the amount of time or number of visits they are able to give the school. It may also be a one off visit.

If you are interested in helping please fill in the attached form and return it to me. If you are unsure then please call to have an informal discussion.


To download an application form click here.


Zahid Jawed




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