Mosque students have a wonderful time visiting the Science Museum in London By Riaz Ahmed


The MPA is proud to assist with English classes at the Totteridge Road Mosque of the Wycombe Islamic Mission. A Science Museum trip, initiated by class teacher Riaz Ahmed and headed by Imam Sultan Mahmood, took about 90 students and 9 adults to London on the sunny Sunday morning of 27 June 2010.

The main aim of the trip was to allow the pupils to self manage themselves, in small groups, in an external environment, to independently organise their own learning of the “1001 Inventions”. This exhibition is touring the world and was being hosted by the Science Museum in London till the end of June.


It highlighted the contribution of Muslim Heritage in Our World and traced the forgotten story of a thousand years of scientific work in the Muslim world, from the 7th century onwards. It looked at the social, scientific and technological achievements that are credited to the Muslim world, whilst celebrating the shared scientific heritage of other cultures. Featuring a diverse range of exhibits, interactive displays and dramatisation, the exhibition showed how many modern inventions, spanning fields such as engineering, medicine and design, can trace their roots back to Muslim civilisation.




Initially only one coach was booked but due to over whelming demand, two more minibuses were booked; the Wycombe Islamic Mission Trust making a generous donation to cover the extra costs.


All the children enjoyed the trip and free food and drinks throughout the hot day.


Hashim enjoyed playing with the magic gum, water wells and simulator rides. Adeeba enjoyed learning about the first Muslim university and being part of the show demonstrating Isaac Newton’s three laws of motion. Boys spent most of their time in space and air travel while the girls enjoyed Medicine and Home galleries. For some children it was their first visit to London and the excitement of the whole trip was a wonderful experience.


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