Foster a Black or Minority Ethnic child

Every year over 58,000 children are 'looked after' in foster care, and over 10,000 of these are from Asian, Black and Ethnic Minority communities. Social Services face a shortage of foster carers, but there is an even greater shortage in finding appropriate families for children from these backgrounds.

In Buckinghamshire there are many children and young people from Black and other ethnic backgrounds who are in need of a family that can reflect their ethnicity.  These children really benefit from obtaining a sense of identity and understanding of their heritage and culture whilst they are ‘looked after’ by a foster family. 


This can be elements as simple as the particular music young children hear, the language spoken or type of regional accent or dialect, the colours of clothing and fabrics seen and distinct household and cooking smells, which all provide a particular and distinct environment proven to contribute towards the formation of their cultural identity.

In order to become a foster carer you must have an ability to communicate effectively with children and young people.  You will also need to have a spare bedroom for a foster child and room in your life to support that child through their foster placement with you.  The rewards are many and the ability to open your life and family to a child in need is something very special indeed.

To find out more about becoming a foster carer please contact the Family Placement Recruitment Team on 01296 382 555.


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