Education and Business Partnership by Mohammed Hanif (MPA Executive Commitee).

Young people leaving school, college or university are faced with challenges and choices that are, in many ways, very different from those faced by previous generations. More than ever, learners need to be fully equipped with the skills, understanding, confidence and creativity needed for their future working lives. Flexibility, information-handling skills, knowing where work is available and a commitment to lifelong learning are now essential requirements for all entering the world of work in the 21st century.

Education Business Partnership - EBP - develops links between local schools and employers and organises a host of innovative and interesting activities. All activities help to raise the achievement and particiption of young people in learning and work.

People from business community visit schools and talk about the role of science and chemistry in industry. There are also ‘lunch and learn’ sessions in which students visit companies and they talk to professionals about the qualifications and skills needed for various roles.


In support of EBP work I had the opportunity to visit many schools in High Wycombe and Oxford areas. I would like to request Muslim children to play an active role when educational and business enterprise projects are set up in their schools.


With the help of Wycombe Muslim Parents Association we aim to set up a careers day for Muslim children during the summer holidays. Professionals from the Muslim community will be invited to provide information and answer student’s questions. We want to make the students aware about how things they learn in the classroom prepare them for careers and jobs later in life.



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